Add a pricing calculator to your sales proposals with Elements Spreadsheet

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Using Confluence to collaborate on writing proposals has lots of advantages: you can create templates to reuse standard content, review and revise details with Confluence comments and notifications, and include instructions so colleagues understand what should be personalized. If your Sales team needs to include a quote generated from a pricing calculator, native Confluence features won’t solve your problem. With Elements Spreadsheet, you can add a pricing calculator spreadsheet to your Confluence page so your Sales team can easily collaborate on the quote and pricing details.

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Keep all your calculations on your Confluence page

Linking from your Confluence page to files saved on your company file share system often leads to problems: multiple versions, file access, not using the right files… With Elements Spreadsheet there’s no switching back and forth between a Confluence page and an external file or data source to calculate a quote, and everything is saved together on your Confluence page. Since it’s a specifically made for Confluence, you only have to one page to share and manage permissions for, and everyone can focus their work on the same space.

Pricing Spreadsheet in Confluence


Drop down lists and advanced formulas make calculations a breeze

Proposals and quotes usually refer to a standard list of options, services, or products. With the drop-down list function in Elements Spreadsheet, you can easily select from your list of products of services and avoid typos from re-typing or copying and pasting. Cells that use a drop down list can be referenced in formulas, so referencing a price on another sheet using Vlookup makes the quote calculation automatic. Drop down lists can be set and used across all your sheets in the same file, which helps maintain consistent data for your sales proposal. Have criteria, like total purchase order amount, to determine if a client should receive a discount? With IF formulas, you can automatically calculate if a discount should apply and resulting final price.

Elements Spreadsheet Pricing calculator with drop down lists and formulas

Promote collaboration on Confluence between Sales, Delivery, and Accounting teams

With all the details about the client available next to the pricing calculator, Elements Spreadsheet helps all the teams that use Confluence in your business to get the information they need without hunting through attached files or file shares. Once the Sales team has finished preparing the proposal with the quote, other teams like Delivery or Accounting can consult the page to get the information they need without the hassle of searching for the right spreadsheet outside of Confluence. Teams that are used to using Excel can easily make the switch by importing their existing spreadsheets into Confluence to start working together in the same space.

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