How Elements Connect facilitates CRM integration with Jira Service Management (JSM)?

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Written by Valentine Pradal

Elements Connect is a powerful app for Jira that enables seamless integration between your CRM and JSM. Here’s how Elements Connect can enhance your pre-sales management:

  • Direct access to CRM data: Elements Connect allows pre-sales teams to access CRM data directly from within their Jira Service Management tickets. This includes customer contact information, communication history, and associated deals.
  • Auto-populated fields: With Elements Connect, you can configure fields in your JSM request forms to be auto-populated with data from your CRM. This ensures that all necessary information is included in the RFP without manual input.
  • Customizable integration: The app provides flexibility in retrieving and displaying data, allowing you to tailor the integration to meet your specific needs. This can include setting up custom queries to pull the most relevant data from your CRM.

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Practical steps to integrate your CRM with JSM

  1. Install Elements Connect: Begin by installing the Elements Connect app in your Jira instance.

2. Configure data sources: Set up Elements Connect to link to your CRM. This involves configuring the data sources and specifying which fields should be retrieved in Jira.

3. Customize request forms: Modify your JSM request forms to include Elements Connect fields. These fields will pull data directly from your CRM, ensuring that all necessary information is available.

4. Train your team: Ensure that your pre-sales team is trained on how to use the integrated system. Provide guidelines on how to access and utilize CRM data within JSM to maximize efficiency.

5. Monitor and optimize: Regularly monitor the integration to ensure it is functioning as expected. Gather feedback from your team and make adjustments as necessary to improve the workflow.

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By leveraging the full capabilities of Elements Connect, your pre-sales team can operate more efficiently, focus on building strong customer relationships, and ultimately drive more sales. Start optimizing your CRM and JSM integration today with Elements Connect and see the difference it makes in your business operations.