Connect Jira Service Management Cloud to your external CMDB and deliver greater value, faster

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Having a simple long form to fill manually doesn’t make it easy for Jira Service Management customers and agents to understand each other and can lead to frustration on both sides. A lot of times, the information required from the requester about assets already exists within the company and is stored in a CMDB.

Elements Connect for Jira Cloud enables Jira Service Management admins to create connected items – select lists or read only – that fetch their values from any SQL database, in our case a CMDB. Support managers then just have to map these connected items to the request types they want such as the incident management process for instance.

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Guide Jira Service Management customers through the ticket creation process

Manually filling endless forms is frustrating for end-users and error prone. With Elements Connect, you can turn text fields into select-lists with options coming straight from your CMDB. Jira Service Management customers then only have to select the relevant options, describe their request and it takes them seconds to create qualified tickets.

Help Jira Service Management agents identify important information at a glance

Customize how Elements Connect display data from your CMDB with HTML. Make important data stand out so Jira Service Management agents can act quickly and confidently on requests. You can also configure custom queues based on data from your CMDB using Elements Connect to help agents prioritise their work.

Choose which data from your CMDB is visible by customers or by agents only

Let Jira Service Desk agents access extra details about assets from your CMDB from the Jira Service Management ticket. Elements Connect for Jira Cloud allows project admins to choose which data they want to display on the customer portal, and which shouldn’t clutter the end-user interface but is necessary for agents to handle the requests efficiently. For instance, you can display the serial number and support phone number of an asset on the agent view, while only showing the asset name and location on the customer portal.

Connect Jira Service Desk Cloud to your CMDB

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