(formerly nFeed)
Available on Jira Server & Data Center

Connect Jira fields to external data sources

Query any datasources

Use Elements Connect to populate custom fields in Jira with data from any source: SQL databases, LDAPs, REST APIs or even Jira itself. Elements Connect has you covered, whether you need to retrieve information about a customer from your Salesforce CRM, fetch data from your Active Directory, or query your CMDB for assets.

Contextualize queries based on Jira issues attributes

Provide users with highly qualified information within Jira issues. Depending on the context of your ticket, you can easily set up dependencies, rules, and conditional queries for all your Elements Connect fields. The app even allows you to create cascading select lists for more complex use cases.

It’s your data, display it your way

Elements Connect lets you configure how your data is displayed with HTML. Add headers and footers to your templates and display multiple field values in attractive tables or bullet lists. Make the display even more relevant for end-users by customizing the UX of your fields with native AUI components.

Over 1,600 delighted clients in 70 different countries

Our clients love how Elements Connect is adaptable to every use case – it’s always ready to meet your needs.

One app, a hundred use-cases

Why choose Elements Connect?

Elements Connect is the most versatile Jira connector available

It enables connections to many data-source types, and contextualized queries based on Jira issue attributes.

Elements Connect is a recognized top-selling Jira app

Formerly known as nFeed, Elements Connect is used by 1,600 companies worldwide and one of the top rated apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

We have a structured development team

Our team of over 20 professionals, including QA and Support engineers, are dedicated to ensuring our app meets your business needs.

Try Elements Connect today for free

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