Discover the Agile team behind Elements

Written by Laura Campbell

It’s official: the Elements blog is live

As part of the new identity revealed March 20, for Elements, a Valiantys company, we are launching a new blog to talk about our apps, share user case examples, and provide you a peak behind the scenes of the company. The new identity and product names reflect how our apps work together like building blocks you can assemble to fit your needs in Jira or Confluence. We will of course continue to publish content on the Valiantys blog (after all, we we’re still part of the Valiantys family), but we are excited to create this new space to showcase how our apps augment the functionality of your Atlassian tools. It’s been more than 10 years since we got started, and our growing number of apps and the team that supports them means we were ready for some more space!

How we got started

Valiantys began building Jira plugins in 2008, and one of the first products was VertygoSLA, an app for managing service level agreements in Jira. Four years later, Atlassian acquired the technology from Valiantys and used it to build Jira Service Desk, it’s fastest growing product. We went on to develop four additional apps that help teams work smarter and collaborate in Jira and Confluence. In 2018, we formalized the creation of Valiantys Software, and we are confident in reaching our next goal of becoming one of the top ten editors in the Atlassian ecosystem by 2020. The new Elements brand reflects our identity as a software publisher and is a visual reminder of the connectivity between our different apps.

Jira and Confluence apps: Smart tools to boost your team’s productivity

Today, Elements sells three apps for Jira: Connect (formerly nFeed), Copy & Sync (formerly Exocet), and Checklist; and one app for Confluence: Spreadsheet.

Elements Connect app for JiraGet the data you need in Jira custom fields from your external data sources:  SQL databases, LDAPs, REST APIs, Salesforce or even Jira itself. You can set up dependencies, conditional queries, or cascading select lists as well as format how the data is displayed to fit your users’ needs.
Elements Copy & Sync app for JiraSet up advanced copying by creating and linking multiple Jira issues with pre-populated fields and custom mappings. You can customize the display of your linked issues, or synchronize data across different projects.
Elements Checklist app for JiraBuild customizable checklists for a Jira issue to fit your use case: definition of done, process details, to-do lists, software release criteria, etc. You can create templates for reusable checklists for different issues types that are activated based on JQL conditions.
Elements Spreadsheet app for Confluence

Edit and integrate spreadsheets within your page to get the perfect balance between the ease of Confluence tables and the power of Excel spreadsheets. Use Spreadsheet for project management, event management, budgeting and reporting spreadsheets, and import or export to and from Excel whenever you need to.

A new name, some new faces, but the same Agile team

Back in February 2018 Alexandre Alquier described on the Valiantys blog how our team works and our Agile process. In the year and a half since then we’ve changed our name and our team has more than doubled from 8 to 18, with full fledged departments in QA, Support, Marketing, and Development, but we are still focused on developing software as an Agile team to help you work faster and smarter. As part of the Valiantys family, we regularly talk with consultants about their experiences on the ground helping companies implement Jira and Confluence, and that means we never lose touch with the day to day challenges of our clients.

Elements Apps Team
Elements Apps Team, Photo credit Emmanuelle Choussy

What we’re working on

Top of our list right now is a focus on user experience: new Elements Connect 6.0 version with a revamped admin interface, UX redesign of Elements Spreadsheet, and we’ll continue to make our users our top priority, whether they’re Jira admins or Confluence end users. We also have some webinars planned for the coming months, which is a great chance to see some use-case demonstrations and ask any questions. Our team members will be at events across Europe this fall, so come out and meet us.

We’re also working on taking Elements Connect to the Cloud. If this is music to your ears, send us an email to learn more.

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