Create a shared understanding of the definition of done with Elements Checklist for Jira

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Creating a shared understanding of expectations for your agile software development team is critical, and creating checklists for Definition of Done or Acceptance criteria is a key step. With checklist templates for Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, or Acceptance criteria, you can make the criteria clear for everyone on your team. Elements Checklist for Jira provides easy to configure templates to help enforce your procedures and create shared expectations.

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Quickly create a smart checklist

Elements Checklist is easy to configure in the Jira Project settings, and you can quickly set up a checklist for your Definition of Done or Acceptance Criteria. Add multiple attributes to create a multi-column checklist, and rearrange their order any time you need to to make sure everything is clear for your software team. With date and user attributes, your software team can record when each step of your Definition of Done was completed. Elements Checklist is easier to configure than a table grid, and the flexible attributes let you quickly customize each checklist. Need to add a drop down list in your checklist? Or to be able to select a component or a Jira issue? All of these are possible with Elements Checklist.

Definition of Done checklist in Jira issue Elements Checklist

Create checklist templates and set JQL conditions for activation

Save time by making reusable templates for your Definition of Done or Definition of Ready. Each project, and even each issue type, can have multiple Checklist templates. This means you can customize your checklists for Bugs, User stories, Epics, sub-tasks or any other Jira issue. To make sure the right template is available, set JQL conditions based on issue type, a custom field value, or a component. By automatically populating specific issues with a template, you can require a checklist for each release or story.

Give clarity to your team

Improve the quality of your software by making sure everyone has a clear and shared understanding of expectations. Elements Checklist is configured in the Jira Project settings by a Project admin, so each team lead can customize their checklists for their project needs. You can add checklists to your sub-tasks or release tickets to provide the steps to follow or criteria to meet. Jira is where your developers are working, and providing structure and clarity beyond the out-of-the box features is key to maintaining quality.


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