Leverage a template project in Jira by bulk copying issues with Elements Copy & Sync

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When you regularly create new projects with standardized issues as part of a consistent process, you need an efficient way to complete the setup process. Rather than starting from scratch for each project, Elements Copy & Sync lets you duplicate Jira projects with bulk clone and move. Search for the issues you need from your Master or template project, then launch the bulk copy to start filling the new project. Changes in the issue templates can even be automatically updated in the new projects by activating the synchronization feature.

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Streamline your process control by bulk copying Jira issue templates

Set up templated deliverables in Jira and easily add them to new projects with the bulk copy feature of Elements Copy & Sync. When you have certain patterns or processes that repeat often, you can create template issues like Initiatives, Epic, stories, or tasks in a Master or template project, then clone everything you need into a new project from Jira search results. Even the attachments and comments can be copied. Your new customer projects will be filled in a few clicks, bringing you efficiency and optimizing your time.

Bulk clone from Jira search results with Elements Copy & Sync

Copy, clear, or change field values based on the target project

The Jira issue templates in your Master project may include fields you sometimes want to copy, other times clear, or even other times set with static options depending on the needs of the target project. For example, you may want to copy the detailed description from each template issue, assign the issues to a project lead, and insert a new component for the new customer project. To reduce the manual work required when filling a new project, Elements Copy & Sync no code field mapping options allows you to decide with each recipe which fields will be copied, which will be cleared, and which will be changed.

no code field mapping options for Jira issue clones

Synchronize changes between Master project issues and cloned issues

Have you updated the detailed process to follow in the description of a template issue, perhaps diagrammed in an attachment? Or changed a component or label? By activating synchronization from source to target in the recipe, there is no need to manually update each cloned issues after a change in the Master project. Elements Copy & Sync helps you maintain changes across cloned issues with automatic synchronization. Team members using the cloned issues will always have the most up to date details.

Synchronize changes between Master project issues and cloned issues

We also have a tutorial showing you how to bulk copy Jira issues with an Elements Copy & Sync recipe. Read it here >

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