Create incident postmortems in Confluence from Jira with Elements Publish to Confluence

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Incident postmortems are an important part of your incident management process as they help teams to continuously improve. But doing incident postmortems can be tedious: most of the information has to be copied from Jira to Confluence. Elements Publish to Confluence helps you leverage the information from your incidents tracked in Jira by publishing it to Confluence.

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Automate your incident management process by creating a Confluence page from Jira

By automating the creation of your incident postmortem in Confluence, you can simplify the process for your team. Elements Publish to Confluence recipes allow you to pre-configure the parent page, design a template that mixes static content and details from your Jira issue, and link to the new page in the Jira incident. With everything prebuilt, Jira users can focus on the root cause analysis, not copying and pasting.

Display incident details from Jira

Elements Publish to Confluence injects information from Jira onto the post-mortem page: issue details, field values, attachments, and even labels. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to organize the information, inserting issue details like reporter or resolved date into tables or adding panels, action items, or statuses. You can even use issue details or field values to dynamically set the page title.

Display incident details from Jira directly in Confluence

Control how you trigger the post-mortem page creation

Elements Publish to Confluence recipes can be triggered manually by Jira users, or added as a post-function to a transition for even more automation. Fine tune who can create the post-mortem by adding user conditions based on user groups or identify.

Control how you trigger the post-mortem page creation

Organize your incident postmortems

Post-mortem parent pages can be selected by users when they activate an Elements Publish to Confluence recipe, or pre-configured as part of the recipe, for example when a page is created by post-function. By applying the labels from the Jira incident to the Confluence page, you can organize and report on your post-mortems with native Confluence features.

Organize your incident postmortems with Confluence macros

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