Organize your event from start to finish in Confluence with Elements Spreadsheet

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Whether you are organizing a training event, a conference, or a meeting, Elements Spreadsheet will help you track all the numbers and data involved. It’s the simple solution to add formulas and filtering to your Confluence tables, and with Excel file import you can get started organizing your event data in no time.

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Organize your event from start to finish in Confluence with Elements Spreadsheet

Elements Spreadsheet integrates perfectly into your Confluence page, which means that your event program, budget, and registration numbers can all be centralized in one place. Imagine how useful it would be to have your event budget or meeting data on the same page as the rest of your event details, instead of linked or shared elsewhere. Depending on your event or the purpose of your Confluence page, you can customize the display of all or only select sheets. And since Elements Spreadsheet has the Confluence look and feel, your event details will look great on screen, in a PDF export or printed.

Event tracking in Confluence with Elements Spreadsheet

Collaborative spreadsheet editing

Collaborating on your event data is easy with Elements Spreadsheet. Instead of searching for a file on a shared folder or emailing the latest version to colleagues, you can import your existing Excel file and keep everyone working on Confluence. Need to tag a colleague for your event planning? User mentions let you chose any Confluence user in an Elements Spreadsheet cell. The most up-to-date information will always be your collaborative Confluence page, both for numbers and logistics. You don’t even have to worry about losing data if more than one person is updating the spreadsheet because Elements Spreadsheet prevents simultaneous editing.

Filter and calculate your event data in advanced tables

Elements Spreadsheet helps you organize and analyze your event information. You can add calculations to your Confluence tables with formulas to create a budget, count participants, or prepare any other event data. If you need to create reference lists for vLookup formulas or just separate different aspects of your event data, each Elements Spreadsheet can have multiple sheets. Advanced sorting, drop down list, and color options mean you can take your event preparation beyond the limitations of basic Confluence tables.


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