Close support tickets faster with Elements Connect, Salesforce and Jira

At a glance

Using Elements Connect in tandem with Jira, you can build a customer support experience that delights customers and saves time for your Jira Service Management agents. The Elements Connect app allows you to bring Salesforce data inside Jira custom fields in issues. It spares clients the need to input data while giving agents the exact information they need to provide accurate, personalized answers to customer requests.

Apps used


Simplify issue creation for Jira Service Management customers

Jira Service Management customers shouldn’t have to manually fill in endless forms to submit a request to your support. Elements Connect fields can auto-populate drop down fields with options coming straight from your Salesforce CRM. Customers then only have to select the relevant options, write a description of their problem, and the support team will take care of the rest.


Give your Jira Service Management agents the insights to understand clients’ requests.

Resolve issues faster by displaying customer data from Salesforce inside Jira Service Management. Using Elements Connect, you can give support agents a complete view of the customer context so they provide fast, accurate answers to clients’ issues.



Leverage Salesforce data to prioritize issues and create queues

Help your support team prioritize requests based on customer data that can be related to the account, the assets… or any Salesforce object. The support manager can create queues in Jira Service Management based on Elements Connect’s connected custom fields values.

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