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Take Jira Service Desk to the next level

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Written by Laura Campbell

Look back at the Atlassian Summit 2019: Jira Service Desk and apps

In case you couldn’t make it to the Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, we thought we’d take a look back at Amaresh Ray’s presentation on Power up Jira Service Desk with Apps. Amaresh Ray is a Senior Product Manager at Jira Service Desk, and regularly presents on how to get the most out of Jira Service Desk. His talk on Powering up Jira Service Desk was organized as part of Service & Support line up at Summit 2019.

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Jira Service Desk 101

If you aren’t very familiar with Jira Service Desk, it’s a fully featured service desk software that allows teams to manage a help center with queues and SLAs, users to submit requests or ask for help, and management to create reports. You can pair it with a knowledge base in Confluence and prioritize incoming tickets. And if you already have a team using Jira, say your development team, you can really benefit by an integration to have a connected service desk.

But Jira Service Desk is not just for IT teams: all service teams such as Customer Support, HR, Finance, or even legal teams can find it useful. Each of those teams will have slightly different needs though, such as Customer Support needing a CRM, or an HR team needing specific forms, and those kinds of options aren’t available out of the box.

Use an to app take your Jira Service Desk to the next level

That’s where the apps offered on the Atlassian Marketplace come in: they let you customize the functionality of your Jira Service Desk to extend and tailor the software to your needs. Apps will allow you to improve the customer experience and improve the productivity of your employees by adapting the software to your workflows and needs. There are over 900 apps compatible with Jira Service Desk on the Marketplace, providing solutions to add on email management, forms, risk management, templates, and more. Amaresh provides some examples of apps which can personalize Jira Service Desk, such as Insight, Refined, ProForma, ScriptRunner, and Elements Connect. The service desks he mentions include a music conservatory, a sherif’s department, and a human resources department: proof that Jira Service Desk can meet the needs of many different teams!

Elements Connect is one of Atlassian’s favorite apps

The good news with over 900 compatible apps on the Marketplace is that there’s sure to be something for everything. But that’s a lot of apps to research to decide which one(s) will meet your needs and are reliable. Amaresh Ray chose to highlight some of his favorite must-have apps, and we are delighted that Elements Connect made the cut. We think it’s proof of the value our app will bring you. Elements Connect allows you to query outside databases while using Jira Service Desk so you can pull in information and enrich the entries. In the demonstration of Elements Connect during Summit, a user submits a request about a product, and Elements Connect queries a product database, dynamically updating details about the product as the user selects options.

On the agent side, the ticket has both details about the product with a problem, but also details about the user from a connected CRM. There’s no doubt this helps the agent have more context about the problem and the user, and thus better reply to their request.

Start connecting your data on Jira Service Desk

If you are using Jira Service Desk, Elements Connect will help you leverage the data you have elsewhere, whether it’s a Salesforce CRM, an LDAP, Rest API, or SQL databases, all to improve the service you provide. Try it now and see how you can improve customer experience and employee productivity with Elements Connect.